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SPORTO 2017: How to avoid the danger of doing things the way they have always been done*

SPORTO 2017 key learnings: Authenticity can be learned on social, identifying the why before starting a creative process in sponsorships, utilising on the body of (digital) conversation from the community or on technology, and never underestimate fans' eagerness for consuming interesting and innovative content.

Winners of SPORTO Awards 2017 announced

Laško x NK Maribor, Triglav The Rock Ljubljana, Gajsiramo na Šport TV, #EuroBARsket, There are more types of victory and 60-day total as Challenge won five categories and one subcategory of SPORTO Awards 2017 as the best practice in sponsorship and marketing in the Adriatic region.

SPORTO 2017: What to expect in (S)Portorož?

SPORTO Conference (16 & 17 November) has been offering a platform for brands, sports properties, agencies and the media since 2004 to share ideas, experience and know-how of the industry. Experts in their fields will present trends and challenges with one touch point – harnessing the power of sport. 14th SPORTO Conference, the biggest event of its kind ...

Introduction to SPORTO 2017: Digital workshop with Jeramie McPeek on 15 November

SPORTO always tries to offer more than just two days of action-packed programme with globally renowned speakers. This year's introduction to SPORTO will be a digital workshop for heads of digital or/and community managers of sport clubs and associations, event organizers and others interested in the field of digital & social media with Jeramie McPeek, ...

Michael Cole: Legacy is no longer just “a nice to have”

Michael Cole, a renowned strategist who helped to secure British Telecommunications’ position into the Global 100 brands for the first time, after successfully executing BT’s London 2012 campaign, now runs his own consulting firm, TrueGold Communications. He has been actively engaged in future major sporting events, including PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 ...

Meet our SPORTO chatbot

SPORTO 2017 has a new assistant, available 24/7. It is our SPORTO chatbot which is ready to use on Facebook/Messenger. Before the conference, SPORTO chatbot could inform you about the most interesting topics, novelties and prize games, and will make sure that during the conference push notifications will remind participants of a new lecture, ...

As a brand you need to be clear with your purpose and why you want to be involved

SPORTO talked to Fredda Hurwitz, a renowned strategist who recently founded her own London-based consultancy Gingernut Thinking after spending eight years at Havas Sports & Entertainment. Born in Boston, Fredda has always been a fan of her home sports teams, and believes that fans should not be pigeonholed into traditional demographic categories. ...

Content has to be brave, actionable, likeable, long-lasting, surprising and you-centric

Guilherme Guimarães used Twitter and Facebook to connect the Brazilian Football and Olympic teams’ fans worldwide, about the content that needs to be brave, actionable, likeable, long-lasting, surprising and you-centric explains Jon Burkhart. You can add two new acronyms to your collection, "BALLSY" and "QUIET".

AIB with #TheToughest joined the SPORTO 2017 speakers' list

SPORTO 2017 can welcome another recognizable brand which has been very innovative in their sponsorships. The campaign #TheToughest with the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) brought AIB numerous awards and is playing a key role in rehabilitating the bank’s reputation and re-establishing affinity with its customer base.

Together Stronger | SPORTO Awards in partnership with ESA

Before #sporto2017 we are announcing our expansion to CZE, SVK, HUN & developments with our longtime partner, the European Sponsorship Association. With the continued partnership we intend to raise the credibility of SPORTO Awards, to broaden ESA’s “Best of Europe” Award and help to grow the sponsorship knowledge in Europe.

Publications and websites still hold a value, but not as much as they used to

Jeramie McPeek, long-time Vice President of Digital at Phoenix Suns, managed social media for this year’s Super Bowl Host Committee in Houston. In our conversation, he discussed digital trends, the changes in consuming and creating contents, and the value of traditional channels, as well as gave an in-depth insight into the Super Bowl 51 activities.

Fredda Hurwitz (Gingernut Thinking) and Achim Ittner (SAP) have joined SPORTO 2017

We are pleased to announce and present two new speakers for SPORTO 2017. Technology expertise in sponsorship from SAP which has brought real-time statistical experience onto a new level, with Achim Ittner, and a myriad of international brand experiences and integrated marketing programs in a portfolio of inspirational strategist Fredda Hurwitz.

Today’s consumer landscapes demand a dynamic model of corporate sponsorship

The technology software company SAP has been expanding its relationships within the sports and entertainment worlds. They are partnering with some of the biggest sporting brands to showcase the company’s expertise. SPORTO talked to SAP’s Bjoern Ganzhorn and Achim Ittner about the influence of technology and the strategy behind their partnerships.

A trendsetter that knows how and where to reach (and engage) its fans

Although its name starts with ‘national’, the NBA has long been much more than just an American basketball league. The constant high-quality content production and innovation, boosted by the usage of modern technology is something that intrigues not only basketball fans. SPORTO talked to Maik Matischak, Senior Director of Communications at NBA EMEA.

Early adopter, non-endemic brands are key to emerging sports

Why has data availability changed the sponsorship industry, what exactly encompasses the ecosystem of esports and why is involvement of early adopter non-endemic brands in sponsorship so important? We talked about 'why' and 'how' to Malph Minns, former Head of Commercial Partnerships at Team Sky and founder of Strive Sponsorship.

SPORTO 2017: The first speakers have been announced

Six months ahead of SPORTO 2017, the first speakers have been announced. In (S)Portorož we will be joined by Maik Matischak (NBA EMEA), Michael Cole (TrueGold Communications), Malph Minns (Strive Sponsorship) and Jeramie McPeek (JM Communications). Four experts from the fields of sponsorship, communications and social media bring the experience from the work with leading brands in the world of sports such as the NBA, Olympics, Super Bowl, Phoenix Suns, Team Sky, Ryder Cup, British Telecommunications, Guinness, Barclays, Gatorade, EA Sports and others.

Luka Modrić, SPORTO Brands 2016 – interview

Football star Luka Modrić has in Zagreb been presented with the SPORTO Brand Award, which he got for a second year in a row at the Sports marketing and sponsorship conference SPORTO 2016 in Portorož.

SPORTO 2016: Data relevance, building on authenticity and capitalising on skill sets of the 21st century

SPORTO 2017 activities are just around the corner, but before we focus completely on following and contributing to the latest trends in the industry, we took a quick look back at the 360-degree insights of the SPORTO 2016. The 13th edition of the conference that brings together brands, sports properties, agencies and the media – and has grown into the leading platform of its kind in Southeastern Europe – once again gathered key people from ...

SPORTO 2016: The world’s fastest-growing football club brand and the world’s leading ski jumper as special guest conclude the line-up

With less than a week to go (Nov 17 – 18) we can now offer you a final version of the action-packed two-day programme of SPORTO 2016, the 13th annual marketing & sponsorship in sport conference that has over the years grown into the leading platform of its kind in Southeastern Europe. Distinguished international and domestic guests will present and discuss the latest trends, approaches and opportunities connected to using the power of sport as communication channel for brands, right holders, athletes, agencies and media. SPORTO is also a great networking opportunity and the place-to-be to get an up-to-date insight into key relevant fields of the industry.

SPORTO Magazine No. 8: What does the new issue bring?

In another in-depth reading about the sports business industry do not miss the SPORTO Conference 2016 keynote speaker Matt Rogan's interview (Two Circles, ESP Properties), where he discusses the shift to a more individualistic approach, which is now also penetrating into the sports business industry. You can also find out why we need more marketing in the sports marketing, who are disruptors in women's sport and get to know the long-lasting successful cooperation between IBM and Wimbledon and digital world of the basketball team Chicago Bulls. We are presenting campaign connected to UEFA Euro 2016 where Orange successfully brought fans to the front. Sometimes a campaign can follow a spontaneous post on social media, like in the case of the Croatian Ivica Rakitić and Kraš’s well-known Domačića biscuits.

SPORTO 2016: “This Girl Can” and “Data Driven Sport”

The first two guest speakers of this year’s leading conference about marketing in sport and sponsorship in Southeastern Europe have just been announced. Joining us at SPORTO 2016 are Tanya Joseph, Director of Business Partnerships at Sport England (where she, among other things, takes care of the extraordinary campaign that empowers women to do sport, named “This Girl Can“), and Matt Rogan, the Chairman of sports marketing agency Two Circles, which has – with its innovative approach and the use of data to build even stronger products, connected with globally leading sports properties.

SPORTO 2016 date announced: See you on Nov 17-18!

The date of the next SPORTO conference has been announced. The 13th edition of the leading regional event about marketing and sponsorship in sport – SPORTO 2016 – will be held on November 17th and 18th at the traditional venue of Portorož, Slovenia.

SPORTO 2015: The right timing, the right channel and the right context

Before we move to the »Road to SPORTO 2016« activities, we took a quick look back at SPORTO 2015, the 12th edition of the leading event in the field of marketing and sponsorship in sports in South Eastern Europe. SPORTO conference – a crossroad for brands, sports properties, agencies and the media, once again gathered the key people from the industry and offered them a platform for networking and exchanging insights, experience, know-how.

SPORTO 2015: Sport remains a strong communication channel

The 12th SPORTO Conference – the leading regional sports marketing and sponsorship conference in Southeast Europe, that brought together the key people from the field – has finished. Sport remains a strong communication channel and the numbers confirm that as well: over 400 guests from ten countries have visited the 2-day conference in (S)Portorož.

​What’s PR got to do with it?

On the first day of SPORTO 2015 you will have the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion with two renowned public relations experts from the Adriatic region. We are pleased to host Aleksandra Radujko, Managing Director at New Media Team based in Belgrade, and Ranko Vučinić, who is Communications Director at KHL Medveščak Zagreb and also works with the Sinković Brothers at PRiredba Studio. They will share their experience about how to successfully manage public relation activities of personal and team brands within sports.

SPORTO 2015: Conference programme announced

The action-packed two-day programme of SPORTO 2015 has just been announced! With only a month to go (Nov 19 – 20), we can now offer you a more detailed view of the happening at the Mediterranean venue of (S)Portorož, that includes insights into trends, approaches and opportunities connected to using the power of sport as communication channel. Be sure to join us and gain new ideas, discuss challenges and take advantage of the great networking opportunities that the leading event of this kind in this part of Europe offers.

Jackie Fast and her new rules of sponsorship

Jackie Fast is the Founder of Slingshot Sponsorship, an innovative strategic sponsorship agency. She is driven by the belief that sponsorship – specifically sustainable, synergistic commercial alliances – has the power to transform business. Jackie is also a Non-Executive Board Director of the European Sponsorship Association, one of the youngest Board Directors in the association’s history. She is recognized as a rising star of England's sponsorship industry.

Hannes Jagerhofer, Austria’s top event guru

Hannes is known as Austria’s top event guru and lead innovator of the industry. From the age of 23 years onwards he has been developing and implementing innovative events and sports concepts – staging happenings where no one else would have dared to and turning a Beach Volleyball tournaments (Klagenfurt is considered to be the premier international beach volleyball event) into a uniquely electrifying spectacle. Hannes considers the creation of unforgettable memories the most integral part of his job.

Breaking news: Tina Maze and Dieter Heger (Milka) confirm SPORTO 2015 arrival!

More great news for all SPORTO 2015 participants! Tina Maze, two time Olympic gold medallist, two time World champion, Laureus nominee, 4-time SPORTO Brand of the Year, all-time record-holder in the overall points collected in one season of the FIS World Cup in alpine skiing is coming to (S)Portorož on November 19-20 to add even a bit more spice to the marketing and sponsorship mix we have prepared for you up to today.

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and dh management (Ana Ivanović) join SPORTO 2015

Two more internationally recognised guests have joined the speakers' list for SPORTO 2015. Joining us in (S)Portorož on November 19-20 are sponsorship expert Torsten Wirwas (M&C Saatchi S&E) and the director of the management company of Ana Ivanović Gavin Versi (dh management).

SPORTO 2015: Summer early bird extended until 15. 9.

The offer to sign up for the leading event about marketing and sponsorship in sport in South Eastern Europe – SPORTO 2015 – at a special, summer early bird price (290 EUR + vat) has been extended until September 15th. First 30 new delegates will receive an exclusive gift: a publication with a summary of all the on-stage happening at SPORTO 2014.

Insights into the secrets of Wimbledon’s digital content and approach at SPORTO 2015

We are pleased to announce a new name among our international speaker guests of the upcoming SPORTO 2015 Conference. A sworn tennis fan Alexandra Willis is Head of Digital and Content in the legendary All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Borussia Dortmund, Royal Dutch KPN, Red Bull Air Race and Twitter coming to SPORTO 2015

Since 2004 SPORTO has grown into one of the leading events in the field of marketing and sponsorship in sport in Europe. This year's conference – the SPORTO 2015 (November 19-20, Portorož, Slovenia) – will once again bring together leading players from the global environment and our Adriatic region. We are pleased to be able to already confirm the first international guest speakers of this year's premier event. They are coming from Borussia Dortmund, Royal Dutch KPN, Red Bull Air Race and Twitter.

SPORTO 2014: Sport is the most passionate thing any of us can be involved in

The eleventh edition of the leading regional event on the field of marketing and sponsorship in sport in South Eastern Europe – the SPORTO Conference – once again brought together all the key people from the industry. Interesting presentations and sparkling debates with guest speakers from all over Europe added to the appeal of the two day conference. More than 400 people from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and UK were present.

More about the SPORTO Brands, Awards

A big hello from (S)Portorož, where the first conference day of SPORTO Conference – the leading regional event on the field of marketing and sponsorship in sport in the South Eastern Europe, that annually gathers all the key players in the industry at one place – is almost at the end!

SPORTO 2014 is under way!

The 11th SPORTO Conference – the leading regional event on the field of marketing and sponsorship in sport in South Eastern Europe, that annually gathers all the key players in the industry at one place – is under way in (S)Portorož.

SPORTO 2014: Guidelines for participants

This year's SPORTO Conference is almost here. We are very glad that you have decided to join us. It is our wish that you will be satisfied with our event, its content and the hospitality. We have prepared some vital basic information so everything will be running even smoother when you arrive in (S)Portorož on Thursday.

Global Brand Director of adidas coming to (S)Portorož!

Global brand director of adidas coming to (S)Portorož! Another leading name from the sport business industry has been added to the SPORTO 2014 programme: joining us in (S)Portorož is the global brand director of adidas Thomas van Schaik. Van Schaik will talk about the #allin or nothing campaign that became one of the most successful brand activations of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and demonstrated how major sports marketing assets can be globally activated in real-time.

Patrick Nally, Godfather of Sponsorship on SPORTO 2014

SPORTO Conference 2014 will, in addition to many other experts in sports marketing industry, host another great name. A man, who first recognized the unique potential of sport as a medium for global communication of commercial brands, a pioneer in the field of sports business, the godfather of modern sports marketing and sponsorship. We are greatly honored to announce Patrick Nally as a special guest and a speaker at this year's SPORTO Conference. Patrick Nally broke new ground in ...

Sally Hancock and Richard Ayers coming to (S)Portorož!

We are happy and proud to announce the first two guests of SPORTO 2014. The first is the creator and strategist of the sponsorship programme, which has set new standards and defined new guidelines in the sponsorship industry, the other is a multi-disciplinary digital pioneer and a social media veteran. Joining us in (S)Portorož on November 20th and 21st for the SPORTO 2014 conference are two outstanding professionals: Sally Hancock and Richard Ayers.Sally created the Lloyds TBS's six years ...


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SPORTO 2017: What to expect in (S)Portorož?

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