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SPORTO Magazine No. 8: What does the new issue bring?


In another in-depth reading about the sports business industry do not miss the SPORTO Conference 2016 (Nov 17-18) keynote speaker Matt Rogan's interview (Two Circles, ESP Properties), where he discusses the shift to a more individualistic approach, which is now also penetrating into the sports business industry. You can also find out why we need more marketing in the sports marketing, who are disruptors in women's sport and get to know the long-lasting successful cooperation between IBM and Wimbledon and digital world of the basketball team Chicago Bulls. We are presenting campaign connected to UEFA Euro 2016 where Orange successfully brought fans to the front. Sometimes a campaign can follow a spontaneous post on social media, like in the case of the Croatian Ivica Rakitić and Kraš’s well-known Domačića biscuits.

On the cover of No. 8 is Michael Phelps, who represented by Octagon.
Innovations and trends in digital and cognitive computing
Two out of the five insightful interviewees are Sam Seddon  (IBM) and Luka Dukich (Chicago Bulls). Sam Seddon is Wimbledon and Rugby Football Union Client & Programme Executive. The cognitive computing superstar IBM Watson has in his opinion with cognitive command centre in Wimbledon and open Q&A app at US Open barely scratched the surface of all the possibilities of cognitive technology. He sees Major League Baseball as a very good example of an organisation that is willing to try new technologies. These are also being used at The Masters in golf, even if the organizer restricts mobile phones and cameras on its grounds. And where lie new opportunities? According to Sam Seddon, the whole area of wearables, internet of things and analysing data to help performance.

Belgrade-born Luka Dukich is Digital Content Manager at NBA team Chicago Bulls. Their Vine series #BMOVINEBULLS was awarded the best NBA digital content of the year in 2015. “The best part of our business is that we don’t know what the future will bring”, is only a tiny bit of what he told SPORTO and also stressed the importance of preparing digital content for the local environment.

Ian Sime (S&E Sponsorship) explored the key advantages of including sponsorship contents into mobile apps and the innovations of cross app pollination, enabling fan-generated content and seizing opportunity for engagement with target groups through customized offers and content.

Apart from digital, we also asked Dukich about the Bulls' legends from the 1990s.

SPORTO Conference 2016 guest speakers about two-way relationship with fans, honesty and humour to fight women’s fear of judgement when exercising, and personal branding on the basis of story-telling.
“It is absolutely possible to put more thinking and less execution into the marketing side of clubs, leagues and governing bodies”, says Matt Rogan, Chairman and co-founder of Two Circles and Executive Director of ESP Properties and offers tripartite advice to a sports property, which is trying to build a business proposition in this content-cluttered world; firstly, understand your audience, secondly, develop the marketing capability to be able to talk and listen to them as individuals and thirdly, understand opportunities that you have as a rights holder. Matt Rogan, who will be the keynote speaker at SPORTO 2016, shares his views about future revenue opportunities for sports properties and broadcasters and explains why it would be a good idea for the sport industry to learn from the music industry.

From the best UK sports marketing agency in 2014 to the “Marketer of the Year” at the Masters of Marketing in 2015. Tanya Joseph, Director of Business Partnership at Sport England, advises brands to seize the opportunity and get on board of the women’s sport now. Her internationally awarded campaign “This Girl Can” has set new trends for an innovative approach to the traditional conversations on the female body and has successfully encouraged women to a more active lifestyle. Its results and effects exceeded all expectations.

This Girl Can has successfully encouraged women to a more active lifestyle.

“It is good for athletes to realise they are competing with the whole entertainment industry for endorsements” acknowledges Clifford Bloxham, VP Talent + Properties at Octagon, one of the leading global agencies. With more than 30 years of experience in working with personal brands Clifford Bloxham has been involved in numerous endorsement campaigns and branding of the stars like Michael Phelps, Stephen Curry or Daniel Sturridge, whose stories and marketing appeal he presents for SPORTO. He also recommends less established athletes to be sensible about their fees and to use smaller endorsement deals to build a relationship with the brand and uncommonly sees Olympics as the very best opportunity for smaller companies to have a say.
Stories from and around RIO and UEFA EURO 2016
We asked SportsPro’s Managing Director Nicholas Meacham and Chief Commercial Officer of the Netherlands Olympic Committee Thomas van Schaik to share their views on the latest trends and the development of Olympic marketing and sponsorship. Read more about a different role for rights-holders, how strong brands individual Olympic athletes can be and familiarise with a rise of reactive marketing and ”third venue” opportunities for local sponsors.

The Games in Rio are one of the key topics of No. 8.
Learn more about the new sponsorship approach of the French telecommunications company Orange, which was introduced at this year’s UEFA EURO. The focus was on the fans as Orange believes being a fan is equally important to being a football player. According to the Brand Agility Index study Orange was the most effective sponsor of Euro 2016. One of Orange's innovative features was lighting up the Eiffel Tower in the flag colours of the country with the most support by fans on social media.

We did not forget Snapchat – the fastest-growing social network at the moment with as many as 60 per cent of the users aged between 13 and 24. During the Rio 2016 Olympics we saw a historic collaboration between Snapchat and rights-holder NBC Universal.
Stories from Adriatic region
We also focused on the relevant topics from the region, such as local Olympic sponsorship activations in Slovenia and Serbia and the marketing collaboration of Ivan Rakitić and Kraš’s biscuit brand Domaćica in Croatia, when a pleasant surprise by Rakitić’s post on social media was soon followed by a real campaign, which was mostly run online.
Do you want to find out more about the marketing potential and challenges of judo, the overview of the latest TV ratings in the Adriatic region, or what is the Magic 8 for GNK Dinamo Zagreb’s Head of Digital Matej Zadro or learn more about any of the topics above, get yourself the latest edition of the international issue of Sporto Magazine. If you would like a copy, write us at info@sporto.si.
About the SPORTO Magazine
SPORTO Magazine – a vital part of the SPORTO Conference (this year the event will take place on November 17-18 in Portorož, Slovenia) – delivers essential information, analysis and insight into the fast developing global sports sector. Twice a year (in May and October) it focuses on the key areas of sports marketing, brands in sport, sponsorship, media, research and analysis, events and sports broadcasting, as well as addressing international trends. It is essential reading for everyone wanting to understand how to harness the power of sport. After six years in Slovenian language, it has also been published in English as International issue since 2012.



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