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SPORTO Magazine No. 9: What does the new issue bring?


The 9th international edition of SPORTO Magazine and its stories from the sponsorship and marketing world (among other contents) look closely at the influence of technology on the sports industry and the trend-setters: the NBA (SPORTO talked to Maik Matischak, Senior Director of Communications at NBA EMEA), 'Netflix of Sport' (we discussed Olympic Channel’s plans with Mark Parkman, General Manager at Olympic Channel), and the digital backstage of this year’s Super Bowl in Houston, managed by Jeramie McPeek, the long-time Vice President of Digital at Phoenix Suns, also coming to speak to SPORTO 2017 in November. Please find more about the new issue of the magazine in the preview.

How is technology changing sponsorships?
The technological advancements have not only transformed the ways of consuming sports, but have also reached into its core. Sponsorships have not been left unaffected – they have even been tempting and engaging the leading technological giants and service providers that do not seem to have much in common with sports at first glance. Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer are among the active participants, Alibaba is the new partner of the IOC, and more and more brands can be seen in the world of esports.

Microsoft became NASCAR's technology partner in 2015. (foto: Getty Images)

FC Barcelona has multiple products, esports team would be no surprise
Why has data availability changed the sponsorship industry, which are the biggest opportunities and traps of esports, what can sports learn from them and why is involvement of early adopter non-endemic brands so important for rights holders? We talked about 'why' and 'how' to Malph Minns, former Head of Commercial Partnerships at Team Sky and founder of Strive Sponsorship.
Statistics for fans in real time
The technology software company SAP has partnered with some of the leading global sporting brands – Manchester City FC, NHL, NBA and others – to showcase the company’s technological expertise. SPORTO discussed the potential and influence of technology, and the strategic approach to working with sporting organizations with SAP’s Bjoern Ganzhorn (Head of Global Sponsorships) and Achim Ittner (Head of Business Development).
Serious and a bit too proud sponsors
What is the key to a successful sponsorship campaign and why is an insight into the target group so crucial? Read about the sponsorship magic by the two ESA Excellence Awards winning projects: Lidl Ireland (Serious athletes deserve serious support) and McDonald's Sweden (A little too proud sponsor).
Black and white and more
A new visual identity, the new motto 'Black and White and More' and a clear desire to make Juventus more than ‘merely’ a football brand. The club aims to be recognised as a universal symbol of perseverance, ambition and exceptional Italian style. Manfredi Ricca from the global brand managing agency Interbrand presented the direction and the background of Juventus’s identity transformation.

Juventus launched its new identity that stands out from other club brands. (foto: Interbrand)

TV ratings: handball, football, ski jumping
In this analysed period (October 2016-April 2017), the highest AMR percentage in the Adriatic region was reached by the IHF WC handball match between Croatia and Egypt (27.17 percent), while the football duel between Wales and Serbia was in the forefront in Serbia (17.43 percent). In Slovenia ski jumping brought the most Slovenians in front of their TVs, with 410,000 (21.77 percent) of them watching FIS World Cup broadcast from Willingen, Germany.
The Open for the 146th time
Malcolm Booth, R&A, discussed the ongoing challenge of balancing traditional and modernism when working with golf's oldest tournament brand, The Open, the recently developed media partnership between golf and football clubs in Northern England, golf’s return to the Olympics, and the broader implications of the changes being made in the traditional golfing environment.

The Open: Balance between traditional and modernism is an ongoing challenge (foto: Getty Images)

Promoter who played himself in Rocky Balboa
“Boxing is no different to anything else. You need to believe in what you're doing, work hard, and never ever give up. We're all fighters in some way,” says Lou DiBella, the famous boxing promoter who made HBO the top boxing pay-per-view TV company a few years back and returned the first heavyweight boxing fight for the world champion title in 115 years to his hometown of Brooklyn.
Don’t miss columns from two of the previous SPORTO speakers, Matthew Leopold (’Sponsorship is marketing') and Ben Wells ('The digital strategy illusion'), an insight about digital activities in handball community (EHF, SEHA League, Slovenian and Croatian handball federations), a marketing portrait of Alpine skier Ilka Štuhec, the Tour of Slovenia 2017 announcement and social media charts (Facebook, Twitter) overview. Thank you for your feedback. Follow our channels on the road to SPORTO 2017.
About the SPORTO Magazine
SPORTO Magazine – a vital part of the SPORTO Conference (this year the event will take place on November 16-17 in Portorož, Slovenia) – delivers essential information, analysis and insight into the fast developing global sports sector. Twice a year (in May and October) it focuses on the key areas of sports marketing, brands in sport, sponsorship, media, research and analysis, events and sports broadcasting, as well as addressing international trends. It is essential reading for everyone wanting to understand how to harness the power of sport. After six years in Slovenian language, it has also been published in English as International issue since 2012. If you would like a copy, write us at info@sporto.si.



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