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SPORTO Magazine No. 10: New issue as an invitation to SPORTO 2017

In another in-depth reading about the sports business industry do not miss insight and opinion about the business record-braking ‘Money fight’ between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC star Conor Mcgregor, an example how a sports mascot can become a brand of its own (IAAF’s Hero the Hedgehog), stories about the regional football’s UEFA success, awarded AIB sponsorship, rising star Luka Dončić … Do not miss interviews with renowned experts and SPORTO 2017 guests, Fredda Hurwitz (about the importance of long-term strategies and inhomogeneity of the sports fans) and Michael Cole (about successful IAAF summer, the Olympic legacy, and trends for bidding and organising major sporting events) and Jessica Smith, who is currently on a ‘digital mission’ for the New York Yankees.

Before presenting above-mentioned topics in-depth there is some more SPORTO 2017 content in the SPORTO Magazine No. 10. You can find out, how AIB, the most reputable bank in Ireland, found itself in deep trouble and then leveraged its GAA sponsorships to re-establish brand trust. Award-winning case will be presented at SPORTO 2017 by Mark Brennan and Mark Doyle who offered first insight into #TheToughest success story.
Moving on again to knowledge from other continents. Brazilian Guilherme Guimarães worked for Twitter and consult Facebook during 2014 FIFA World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. American expert Jon Burkhart is an award-winning content strategist and founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global. They both agree that social media can mean an immense opportunity for smaller sports properties. After reading you will be able to add two acronyms to your collection, ‘BALLSY’ and ‘QUIET’.
Cover story: Mayweather vs. McGregor
‘The money fight’ in the capital of boxing, Las Vegas, between Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has been boxing since he can remember, and the complete boxing newbie, the UFC star Conor McGregor, should not be of that much interest according to every unwritten sporting rule. And yet … What does this say about sports fans, where does this take sports and what can the sports world learn from this event of superlatives?

SPORTO 2017 speakers Fredda Hurwitz & Michael Cole
Fredda Hurwitz, a renowned branding and sponsorship strategist, is certain that a long-term strategy is essential for brands entering the sports industry. Fredda believes that fans should not be pigeon-holed into traditional demographic categories. “Fans are not homogenous. They will have different reasons for why they are fans, but what connects them is shared passion. Brands that understand and appreciate this, are, in a way, trendsetters for me,” she told SPORTO.
Michael Cole helped to secure British Telecommunications’ position into the Global 100 brands with the BT’s London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic campaign. He is now actively engaged in future major sporting events, including PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and Pan American Games 2019. For SPORTO, Michael commented on the successful IAAF summer in London and marketing of athletics, the Olympic legacy, and realities and predictions for bidding and organising any major sporting event.
Regional football clubs' UEFA success and the amazing Hero the Hedgehog
This season is the first time since the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia that as many as five clubs have entered the UEFA most prestigious group stage club competitions (Maribor, Rijeka, Partizan, Crvena zvezda, Vardar), while four (Hajduk, Dinamo, Domžale and Osijek) failed to overcome the last obstacle. SPORTO discussed the challenges and potentials of playing in the Champions League and Europa League with the clubs’ marketing specialists.

This year’s IAAF World Championship mascot almost stole the limelight from the world’s best athletes with his tricks at the London stadium. Hero the Hedgehog shook up athletics and provided an excellent case of fan engagement, showcasing how a mascot can become a brand of its own. Created by a nine-year-old, it was given the character and personality by Curiosity 360 Productions. SPORTO talked to their Director, Ian Mollard, and remembered some other recognizable sports mascots (including iconic Vučko).
Brighter future for women’s sport and the American view on social media
Women’s football has definitely come a long way. Host country the Netherlands won the UEFA Women’s EURO Championship this year and it was the first time in the history of the competition that the host sold out every game. The interest was not limited to the ever-enthusiastic and supportive Dutch. Former SPORTO speaker, Sally Hancock, wrote more on the topic of the potential of women’s sports?.
A blog called ‘Social ’n Sport’ provides a great insider view into the professional world that shapes our (digital) perception of the leading sports clubs and leagues in the world. The author of these thought-provoking content pieces is American Jessica Smith, a social media expert who is currently on a ‘digital mission’ for the New York Yankees.
Experiential experiences  and a new dimension of fan communication
SPORTO visited The Brand Conference in London, organized by SportsPro, where some of the most interesting thoughts and trends when it comes to building a brand through sport were exchanged: about the importance of experiential experiences, authenticity, proactivity of the rights holders and delivering diverse sponsorship opportunities. Learn more about chatbots, computer programs within the messaging apps, which are available 24/7 and can learn as they go. They are cost-efficient, fast and so far have an amazing open rate and click-through rate.

Rising star, a record-braking Eurobasket and Instagram included in our social media lists
Luka Dončić is a rising star of global basketball who has become, after a great season with Real Madrid and winning gold medal with the Slovenian national team at EuroBasket, a magnet for sponsoring brands and the media. No wonder that the highest AMR percentage in the Adriatic region was reached by the basketball finals. An extraordinary and record-braking 36.42% saw the whole match in Slovenia; with the highest percentage achieved right after the Slovenian win (43.35%). Same game was on top in Serbia (27,89%), while in Croatia and Macedonia the qualifiers for major competitions (football and handball) attracted the most viewers. SPORTO Magazine features for the first time a ranking of athletes and sports organizations in the Adriatic region with the most Instagram followers. Instagram now has nearly twice the number of users as Twitter.

And more ...

SPORTO Magazine, essential reading for everyone wanting to understand how to harness the power of sport has been published in English since 2013. SPORTO Conference partners and former attendees are entitled to getting a copy. If you would like a test copy, write us at info@sporto.si.


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