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Winners of SPORTO Awards 2017 announced

Laško x NK Maribor (Pivovarna Laško Union d.o.o.), Triglav The Rock Ljubljana  (Ekstrem d.o.o.), Gajsiramo na Šport TV (Šport TV), #EuroBARsket (Pivovarna Laško Union d.o.o.), There are more types of victory (Football Association of Slovenia) and 60-day total as Challenge (Adriatic Slovenica d.d.) won five categories and one subcategory of SPORTO Awards 2017 as the best practice in sponsorship and marketing in the Adriatic region. The best projects from each country, participating in the SPORTO Sponsorship category, qualified directly to the ESA Excellence »Best of Europe« competition.

Please visit the www.sportoawards.si website for more detailed info about the winning projects. 



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