Brands & Awards


SPORTO Brands is a public research conducted by the Mediana (Institute for market and media research) among the general public and represents the most recognized, popular, successful and marketing-wise appealing male and female athletes and sports clubs in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

*The methodology includes the following elements: ‘Awareness’ (‘Recognition’), ‘Transaction’ (knowledge and following of results), ‘Leading Edge’ (global reach), ‘Satisfaction with Achieved Results’, ‘Success’ (current results and potential), ‘Personality’ (appeal, trust), ‘Inclusion in Informal Conversations’ and ‘Fan Participation’ (measured only for clubs).

Among winners (since 2008) were exceptional sports personalities (Tina Maze, Sara Isaković, Petra Majdič, Ilka Štuhec, Anže Kopitar, Iztok Čop, Dejan Zavec, Primož Kozmus, Peter Prevc, Goran Dragić, Ana Ivanović, Ivana Španović, Novak Đoković, Sandra Perković, Mario Manđukić, Marin Čilić, Luka Modrić) and leading clubs from the Adriatic region (ACH Volley, NK Maribor, KHL Medveščak, KK Partizan, KK Crvena zvezda and FK Crvena Zvezda).

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SPORTO Awards competition rewards the outstanding work in the field of sponsorship and marketing in sport. The competition is opened to applicants based in the Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia), Czech Republik, Slovakia or Hungary. Competition is organised in cooperation with European Sponsorship Association (ESA) and national partners.

The highest ranked project in each country within the category “Best sports sponsorship / SPORTO Sponsorship Award” is automatically placed in the contest for the prestigious “Best of Europe” at the ESA Excellence Awards competition. Entry into this category is only possible by invitation or by winning the mentioned category at SPORTO Awards competition. The winners of SPORTO Awards are announced at the evening ceremony of annual SPORTO Conference. Find out more HERE.

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