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What does the 12th edition of SPORTO Magazine bring?

October 2018 edition of SPORTO Magazine is marked by the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Among the […]

Foto: Oivind Haug

Stay away from clichés

Author: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček, Foto: Telenor, Oivind Haug | read time: 14 min What are the common points and […]


First we determine the objectives, then we work backwards and define the strategy

Author: Jure Doler | read time: 7 min Luca Massaro is the founder of WePlay, a sports digital […]


Interview | Jeremy Darlow: Marketing is a simple game

Author: Dragan Perendija | read time: 5 min Jeremy Darlow is a leading brand consultant, adjunct marketing professor […]


Sponsorship is the magic dust for marketing activities

Author: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček | read time: 9 min Andy Westlake was appointed as the Chairman of the European […]


Things you just ‘want’ to watch

Author: Luka Maselj | read time: 5 min For quite some time now, sports fans want to know […]


Huge opportunity, but expect to see more testing and learning

Author: Luka Maselj | read time: 6 min Roughly a quarter of a century after the British satellite […]


Data and Law

Author: Fiona Green | read time: 6 min SPORTO’s readers who have seen Manchester United’s “Stay United” campaign […]


Interview | Carsten Thode: Never do something just because you can

Author: Dragan Perendija | read time: 7-8 min The topics of quality content creation and the challenges of […]


Small with big ideas

Author: Rok Šinkovc | read time: 7-8 min In the upcoming weeks all roads will be leading to […]