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We only have one planet

Author: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček | Read time: 8 min “Formula E was founded to counteract climate change by […]


Who invests now will stimulate growth post-vaccine

Author: Andrej Kandare | Read time: 9 min “Things that were happening are just going to happen a […]


Focus on quality, not quantity

Author: J.D. | Read time: 8 min In April 2020, Snack Media, sports digital publisher with over 400 […]


Digital will be a huge part of how we’ll rebuild the sports industry

Author: Dragan Perendija | Read time: 7 min “In the 2020s, Head of Digital will need to understand […]


The sponsorship industry is resilient and up to the challenge

Author: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček | Read time: 7 min Jill Downey is Managing Director of Core Sponsorship, a […]


Control the things you can, plan for the things you can’t

Author: Luka Maselj | Read time: 9 min The habits of consuming sports are continuously evolving and becoming […]


How did we navigate the Tour? With conversation!

Author: Rok Šinkovc | Read time: 9 min Laurent Lachaux, Sales and Partnership Director at Amaury Sport Organisation […]


What does the 2020 edition of the SPORTO Magazine bring?

A lot has happened in the period after March this year, when “the game stopped”. Much more than […]


DOWNLOAD | SPORTO Magazine (November 2020)

The 15th international edition of the SPORTO Magazine delivers fresh content from the world of sponsorship, marketing and […]