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SPORTO chat: Sally Hancock (Y Sport)

We chatted with Sally Hancock, Managing Partner at Y Sport and a renowned sponsorship expert. Sally was voted […]


SPORTO chat: Joel Seymour-Hyde (Octagon)

We had a fun and short chat with Joel Seymour-Hyde, Head of UK at the award-winning agency Octagon […]


SPORTO chat: Marzena Bogdanowicz (The FA)

Here is a short and fun chat we had with Marzena Bogdanowicz, Head of Marketing and Commercial for […]


SPORTO chat: Jonno Turner (The Ocean Race)

We had a short chat with Jonno Turner, SPORTO 2019 speaker, who is Head of Digital Content at […]


SPORTO chat: John Allert (McLaren)

John Allert, Managing Director of McLaren Pro Cycling and Board Director of McLaren Racing, answered a few of […]


Did you say TikTok?

Text: Jure Doler | Read time: 6 min Have you heard about TikTok, the mobile video app that […]


Interview | John Allert: Addicted to progress

Text: Dragan Perendija, Andrej Kandare | Read time: 7 min “We are always looking to improve what we […]


Interview | Sally Horrox: In sport, gender should not play any role

Text: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček | Read time: 8 min Sally Horrox is Managing Partner with the British sport […]


Sport’s Kodak Moment

Author: Carsten Thode / Aphetor, Founder | Read time: 6 min It’s one of the most famous business […]