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SPORTO Brands in 2018

2018 SPORTO Brand Awards, given based on the annual public research performed by the market and media research […]


SPORTO 2018 in numbers

More than 460 participants from 15 countries joined us at this year’s SPORTO Conference. See the infographic for […]


Who will be the next SPORTO Brands?

Find out who are the highest ranked athletes and clubs and final contenders for the 2018 SPORTO Brand […]


SPORTO 2018: Two action-packed days in (S)Portorož

It is just ten days until the newest edition of the SPORTO Conference (22-23 November) ̶ a platform […]


What does the 12th edition of SPORTO Magazine bring?

October 2018 edition of SPORTO Magazine is marked by the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Among the […]


AS Roma is moving the boundaries of digital communication

In recent years, social media has completely changed the way how clubs and sports organizations connect with fans. […]


What do past speakers and guests say about the SPORTO Conference?

Feel the SPORTO atmosphere and read about what do past speakers and guests say about the SPORTO Conference. […]

Foto: Oivind Haug

Stay away from clichés

Author: Simona Kruhar Gaberšček, Foto: Telenor, Oivind Haug | read time: 14 min What are the common points and […]


SPORTO 2018 announcement: Luka Dukich (Chicago Bulls) and Tomislav Pacak (Croatian Football Federation)

With 80 days left on calendar, many distinguished speaker guests – including the UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin  – already […]